James Patterson

James Patterson's 10 E-books

1.Girls of Paper and Fire
2.19th Christmas
3.The President Is Missing: A Novel
4.20th Victim
6.1st Case
7.Murder Beyond the Grave
8.The Inn
9.The 17th Suspect
10.Fifty Fifty




The Beck Diet Solution

The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person

This time, you are going to diet successfully, lose weight with confidence, and, most importantly, keep it off forever.That's because The Beck Diet Solution is the first book that teaches dieters how to apply the proven benefits of Cognitive Therapy to dieting and weight loss: how to think differently, change your eating behavior, and lose weight permanently. In fact, Cognitive Therapy is the only psychological method shown to help dieters keep off excess weight once they lose it.



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